Friday, October 26, 2012

Twilight Racing - Vaillante EP

New Playmaker exclusive release: Twilight Racing - Vaillante EP

A few years ago a bunch of these race tracks surfaced on the web. In a unique sense this is a tribute concept combining outrun music and motorsport.

To quote the person behind Twilight Racing/Vaillante: "I always wanted to make tribute to one of the greatest and most challenging sports known to mankind; Motorsport. With it's emphasis on Formula 1 and Motocross this is the imaginary soundtrack in a cartoonish character, swerving through my head as I pay tribute to one of the most intense sport competion out there. The name Vaillante stems from a comic book I loved as a kid, better known as Michel Vaillant. No other comic book has ever matched to amazing in-depth analysis of the elite motorsport world with great fantasy and real-life based events. The Twilight Racing idea is inspired by another comic called Speed Racer where a mysterious character named Racer X lives a double live as a anonymous race hero and a solitude citizen."

Includes 5 original tracks and ActRazer remix!