Monday, June 12, 2017

DESYNC Soundtrack Vol. 1 and 2

Crawling through the darkness and originally written as the game soundtrack for Adult Swim's DESYNC, this dark cyberpunk soundtrack is a fierce beast, wielding it's sword, slaying all incoming danger and puts all your defensive senses into high alert.

Volume 1, written and produced by Daniel Deluxe sets the tone perfectly with long, epic dark synthwave tracks haunting the dystopian landscape.

Volume 2, written and produced by Volkor X continues the perverse tradition of growling darkwave cyberpunk and rides the beast majestically.

So, get your slayer modus activated, go in full combat mode or just enjoy the thrill ride that this music has to offer. All good, here in Cyberland.

[note] "DESYNC is an intense single-player first person action game that begs you to play dangerously and creatively. Eliminate your opponents as you perform violent attack sequences using the explosive digital weaponry and lethal side-arms at your disposal."