Friday, June 2, 2017


Welcome sportfans! Live on Mars, the stakes are high and your host Jon Beckett gets you launched into the '88 Airgames.

The stadium in packed and BOOM!— so it hits off into the stars! The whole field is transcending and goes off in exceeding glory. Beckett just hits home so hard with this anthem like fireworks ending a perfect celebration, in wonderful dedication to Vince DiCola. Simply amazing.

"AirGames: The sport of the future. Inspired by awesome games like ‘Track and Field’ and ‘Ski or Die’ to the uplifting ‘go for glory’ attitude of film soundtracks throughout the 80’s, ‘AirGames ’88’ is an anthem for the latest sport to sweep Mars. Like the films ‘Rollerball’ and ‘The Running Man’ in the not so distant future, sport has stepped up a level, and now, the Air Games League of 2088, fuses Football and Jetpacks into one, bigger, better, beautiful game."