Sunday, August 2, 2009

Later Days w/Kenobii

Kenobii just released his first album for free download. His themes have him investigating the natural elements in their purest form, always accompanied with great imagery and atmospheric zones... on a slow, laid-back bed of roses.

My first impression is that his sound has matured alot, althou this album represents fresh and youngster themes that reach back from memories to the innocence of childhood dreams.

In a way this music sounds alot like Boards Of Canada but on a less polished, pretentious level. My favourite track must be Lookout Mountain. An oldstanding tune, giving you the illusion you are in fact sitting on your Look-Out Mountain cherishing life's greatests moments... Also Northern Fang is totally sweet but goes a bit darker and feels like you're right inside Jack London's story 'Call Of The Wild'.

Download this album as your perfect Sunday afternoon soundtrack.

<a href="">Benji by kenobii</a>