Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countryside Alliance Crew

The Countryside Alliance Crew smash their way onto the scene with a totally massive rural selection for your collection. 4 huge hits from the biggest stars of the countryside scene available to download totally free! Featuring the latest and greatest anthems from some of the rural world's biggest superstars, this 4 track collection includes hits from the fantastic 'Wurzzi Rascal' with 'Conkers', his huge refix of Dizzee Rascals 2009 summer hit, and 'Astile ft. Cornye Westcountry' with 'Arable Boy' a fresh and funky remix of Estelle and Kanye West's huge hit. On the flipside, Wileys 'Rolex' gets the country-fied treatment on 'Wellie' and 'Wearin' My Thermals', and the 'Cow Eyed Peas' get all meaty on 'Moo Moo Cow'.

The Countryside Alliance Crew - Pure Rural Essentials EP

01. Wurzzi Rascal - Conkers
02. Astile ft. Cornye Westcountry - Arable Boy
03. Wellie - Wearin' my Thermals
04. Cow Eyed Peas - Moo Moo Cow

Keep It Rural!