Friday, October 9, 2009

Discoballistic will dazzle you

As secretive as Discoballistic might be, not many to none of you knew about the unexpected live show Disco played in Boston last September. We got an exclusive 8 minute live piece of Discoballistic's dreamscape electro, which sounds like a revived Miami Vice cokedealer trying to stay fly 'till death!

But wait, there's more! Following are a few unreleased remixes by Discoballistic.

First up we have the Visitor remix from their debut hit single "Los feeling". So far we seen great remixes by Bit Funk, Digitalfoxglove, Fear Of Tigers, and many more..., but this one hasn't seen the light of day yet. So, why don't you find out for yourself and hear the twist Discoballistic has givin to this awesome tune.

Last but not least is a total night rider. A remix Discoballistic has done for the Flashmen from NY/Chicago, from their single "As The Night Rolls On". This track takes it awfully easy breezy and kinda explodes into some killer guitarisc roadrage!

That's right! Now all there is left to do, is following Discoballitic on Twitter: