Thursday, October 8, 2009

He's got Spinna for a face!?!

On our recent visit to the lovely city of Portland, we ran into some local street-beat culture down Alberta street. Basicly every thursday there is a street fair of people showcasing, selling, hustling, cookin, drinkin,... all in good spirits!

So, upon walking down Alberta we ran into a set of Spinnaface, a 'masked' dj/entity entaining the block week in and out. He had the whole block dancin and celebrating while performing some amazing vocoder electro-house while wearing a 'spinna' for a face!

Check out "On The Floor" from his album "Feel The Shine"

and here's Spinnaface throwin it down, big rim styles!

Spinnaface Promo Video from Spinna Face on Vimeo.