Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Transformer Di Roboter

Besides being a great DJ and graphic designer, our friend The Metatron from Austria hosts a regular club night in Salzburg called (just like his mixtapes) Skitzo Disko, a party celebration zone he's been maintaining for a few years now.

We got our hands on a exclusive edit from their upcoming headliner on November 14th, the amazing Transformer Di Roboter, who have been around for a while making orignal tunes but also are known for playing occasional covers and dressing up like all stars. A very promising headliner for SD for sure, especially when they give us a special edit to one of their tracks!

So, catch this awesome edit by none other then Zingone, who gave their original song "Ultra Maxximiser" some more swing for full dancefloor explosion to it's maxximising potential!

Transformer di Roboter - Ultra Maxximizer (Zingone Ultra Edit) by TheMetatron

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