Thursday, November 26, 2009

Meet Flashworx

New hits on the blogs, new kids from on the block Flashworx are taking the neo liberal and pseudo original blog world by storm. Their delightful remixes cannot be missed in your ever growing collection of awesome tunes!

These young cool cats were born in the 80s and are heavily influenced by the sound, vision and fashion of that period which is reflecting in their contemporary dance music. They hail from Italy but have moved to Swiss.

Working hard on their first EP and promoting a few remixes on the way, they are here to stay. So go ahead and listen to what they have done to the mighty Futurecop! the wonderful Visitor and the rapping Keith Masters!

zshare: Futurecop! Karate Kids (Flashworx Remix)
zshare: Visitor - Los Feeling (Flashworx Remix)
zshare: Keith Masters - I love to floss (Flashworx remix)