Friday, June 24, 2011

AXXE 'Sweet Stuff' Remixes

"The Gulf Wave" is the main club here on Soda Beach, and with parties happening (almost) every night, this Friday's headliners are Axxe alongside Ride The Universe and the Neon Workout. No doubt people will be dancing in their underwear because Axxe, arguably Montreal's sexiest outfit, is here to set the night on disco-fire. Hot!

Axxe, the electro disco project orchestrated by Douglas Chow, is working hard on their debut album. Together with a few others, Ride The Universe and Neon Workout have worked on their latest single "Sweet Stuff" which sounds like some sexy starlighting submissive lollipop house with vocal delights. Definitely worth some shine and if you want to read more about Axxe, then check this interview via All Things Are Go: Here's a quote from the interview:

"AXXE is actually the name of a popular synthesizer from the 70s made by ARP. The funny thing is that the way that the logo is stylized, kind of with a heavy metal look..."

Now then... We are very stoked because Swedish retro electro chief Neon Workout's remix is definitely here for yall's pleasures, sure Ride The Universe does a fantastic job as always but there's just this tiny lil' extra spark of sexy music magic that makes this Neon Workout remix outstanding. It takes it's time to build up and then gives ya the necessary rubbing all over your sweet stuff.