Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's go to Soda Beach

Playmaker is proud to present the 5th release in our series of exclusive independent monster jams! Here's two tracks themed 'Soda Beach' written and produced by Discoballistic and Twilight Racing.

Refreshing, rocking and blazing. Somewhere along the Gulf Stream there is a place called Soda Beach. A party place full of water sports, music and hot bikini babes. Book your holidays to Soda Beach right now and witness it's immediate flashback to the 80s culture, where the cool kids drink those sugary, bubbly limonades, their refreshing sodas, to get on a sugar rush and have some fun. Sunny greetings from Soda Beach, come get your fun, we're all waiting for you!

Very free download party on our Bandcamp

Ultra free "theme" stream-zone on the Discoballistic SoundCloud

Soda Beach by Discoballistic