Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BMX Ninjas mixtape (from the past)

Praise the dancefloor when these two Swedes make their entrance doing wheelies on their BMX. Trickbikes, that's what they are. And soon enough, you'd see the roller disco girls accompanying them to the DJ-booth, swirling around 'm like a twirling cornetto. Have some vanilla, have some strawberry, shades on and discolights flashing you into a dreamstate of mind. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Neon Workout and Le Prix and together they form the BMX Ninjas! This mixtape is from last year, which makes it even more classic!
(OK, this was/is a Tracasseur exclusive, but that was last year. We love Tracasseur, it's an amazing —finger on the pulse— Swedish music blog. Go bookmark them now)

Hello We Are Bmx Ninjas Mix (Tracasseur Exclusive) by LE PRIX