Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Satellite - Aurora

Haven't really travelled these musical landscapes beaming down from the Blue Satellite, but this tune made me dreamwave out loud... So I got up on that field, stood tall and watched aurora lights in all their magic and glory. (thinking to myself "wow, that Kill The Hero Remix is awesome")

Blue Satellite - Aurora Pt. I (Kill The Hero Remix) by Blue Satellite

Then I went into the bar, took some coinage outta my pocket and choose this jam aka remix. I ordered a beer, took a few gulps and started dancing on my own. Some people in the bar raised their eyebrows, but pretty soon a few single ladies shared the dancefloor with me.

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love [Flight Facilities ft. Louie Austen] (Blue Satellite Remix) by Blue Satellite

A wonderful release, grab, listen and dance to the night away via here:

Aurora EP by Blue Satellite