Friday, May 27, 2011

Toque "Xtro"

Alright HR. You are amazing, mysterious and well... very enjoyable. Enter Girlfriend Records latest release, the Toque project. Made by 2 producers whose identities have been carefully hidden. We know for a fact that HR is behind this and according to Eric Sferro, Girlfriend's label owner, there is another person involved as well. Who, is not confirmed but our wildest guesses make us think in the direction of Neon Workout or maybe even Le Prix?

Enough with the guessing already. It makes it fun, but what's even more fun is the music itself! Wow. This release just oozes amazing free-spirited retro-electro-pop, with a breezy Scandinavian romance to it. Nostalgic and refreshing at the same time, so good that we are in love with this release already! It is the latest release on Girlfriend Records, and supposedly their latest 'free' download release... Big plans ahead!

stream on soundcloud:
"Xtro" by Toque by girlfriendrecords

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