Sunday, July 16, 2017

Label profile: Power Lunch

When it comes to good, authentic and original vaporwave, the Power Lunch label is doing a fantastic job. Besides the pitched down and slo-mo cliche's we'll take a closer look (and listen) to a few of their recent releases as we highlight three stand-out works.

First off, the recently released album by Azuresands大麻 does justice with some epic sampling as if 80's gold gets contracted somewhere out of a hidden, mystic music cave. Channeling the mysterious 'Chrystal Coyote' through some reverbing Casio beats, echoing keys, swoon basslines and twirling flutes, this release surely carries many emotions and sets wide waves into the spectrum of well assembled overlays and dubbed greatness.

Get ready for a uplifting plunderphonic power routine. Secondly, we have Echo Beach with the rad 'Slo-Mo Aerobics'. No haste on this tape, even the casual stoner can get along with this program. From slowed down italo disco to pitched pops songs, ironically, not all songs are exactly slo-mo, some tracks do carry a faster paced vibe, yet, they are killer sample cuts and if anything, they do make you bump your head to the groove.

And then... Enter at your own risk because last but not least, we'll take you on wild and somehow controversial trip with Meznoyume on the label's latest release 'Bohemian Groove', acting as a satire on the infamous Bohemian Grove (help! it's rumoured as the world's ruling elite "secret garden"). This release stands out in all it's tropical 80's glory with marimbas, the occasional steel drum and side-chained synths yet you need to be aware of potential danger lurking... The task is simple, don't get shot and get into the groove as you tag along some crazy sampling, wild bongo vibes, bohemian groove's arpeggiating semi-acid lines and zany drum programming.

That concludes this label profile. Check out more stunning releases through their respective pages. If you are on the ball and quick enough you might just be able to snatch some of their latest limited cassettes, too.