Monday, October 24, 2011

James Ferraro

You can afford, buy and obtain objects of mass and/or exclusive production, anytime you please. You can go gourmet sushi with obscure food orders on just about anything you desire. Want. Take. Need. All very affordable, that is — if you got the moolah — via a few simple clicks on your super soft touch screen.

But one of the things you cannot obtain truthfully, is becoming a cult icon overnight.

Hanging out at Best Buy as a cultural spy, James Ferraro, the man of many monikers last seen on Muscle Beach, is that cult icon creeping 'round Silicon Valley.

Jim's latest effort for Hippos In Tanks, an album and with pre-occurring single, translates these (far fetched for some, reality for others) dreams into a musical landscape. The sort of horrifying landscape of ultra 'clean' lifestyles that are becoming the 21st century reality of generation Ad Guru.

Not only has this ultra clean slickness affect on his imagery (the iPad-Smoothie-Disney-Guru conspiracy), it also reflects in his music as his previous productions were undeniably Lo-Fi (complete with tape-hiss and noise filters), while on Condo Pets (pre-album release) and Far Side Virtual (album) the clean cut remarkable. These are literally musical adventures of a true visionary cult bro. A new step forward in J.F.'s stepping stone approach. Further more, these are a collection of songs even a random sheik at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi could enjoy.

James Ferraro - Earth Minutes by Hippos In Tanks

'Condo Pets' is out since a few weeks and 'Far Side Virtual' is out today! Get a limited vynil pressing or digital format via Hippos In Tanks.