Monday, October 17, 2011


Yes you read that right. ActRazer. It's not a typo, it's a new way of spelling! Because, it can happen to the best of us; finding out that your name (in this case ActRaiser) is being owned by some neo-trendy dubstep kid. No further comment needed.

However. Act never really sat still. You might not have seen his name around the scene lately but he regrouped. One of his other projects he released is the beautiful Miami Nights 1984 album on Rosso Corsa Records. Go check it out here!

We —over here at the Playmaker Group— are extremely pleased good ol' Act' is back, resurrecting himself via this new SoundCloud and Facebook page. We selected a few new tunes and a classic to show off the awesomeness that is now ActRazer.

Epic Piano by ActRazer

Resurrected Streets by ActRazer

Thief by ActRazer