Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aleister X

You can, for a moment, forget all those hipster beats and neo vintage jams. We present you a mixtape (or album in disguise) by the black ghoul himself, Sir. Aleister X. Phantom beats, ghostly chants and tribute songs to the darkest corners and alleyways straight from New York City via Brixton via Kingston. Get this in your thick black skull, The Black Skull Music Mixtape is a 29 song, tune and skit collection produced by Aleister X for Sonny Midnite Music with executive production by Andrew W.K. and the Steev Mike label. It really is quite the ride and it's up there, sky high with the 2011 Playmaker favorites! Black Friday never felt so right, never felt as haunted. With appearances by Neil Hamburger, Matt Sweeney, David Tibet and many more you are being led into the dark by Aleister X to get smoked out, Midi-sheeeeeitted and creep walked in what might be the ghouliest mixtape thusfar. Free download!