Monday, April 13, 2009

Tigerbeat6 presents Tigerbass compilation

Mega international offbeat techno-bass-rave action! The Latest Tigerbeat6 comp focuses on it's sublabel Tigerbass, bringing the best new and exclusive unique dancefloor slammers from their diverse roster of offbeat and original artists. From USA you got Kid606, C.L.A.W.S., Eats Tapes, Curses!, White Williams, and Alex Pasternak(Lemonade). From UK: Luke's Anger, Dolby Anol, Genuine Guy, Black Rabbit/Bruce Stallion. as well as Com.a (Japan) Sickboy (Belgium), dDamage (France) and the Six Million Dollar Kid (Berlin). Every artist has there own inspiration and the tracks destroy all genre's in there path. Stop listening to formulas and recycled ideas, if you need to get down then keep things exciting and check out the new school!

So, here's Sickboy (Milkplus) with Informulator, a song which shows a different side of Sickboy, leading up to his upcoming Tigerbeat6 release.

Dowload the tune here: