Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The girl and the robot

Royksopp are back with a new album and did a fantastic collaboration with Robyn. Although this song is a little bit jaded - just a little bit really - it tells the story of a certain relationship, being in love with a robot. It's pretty much a call for attention from your lover, stating you won't be denied. And this song definitely won't be denied. What a stand out single this turned out to be. The highlight of their new album for sure. A most energetic collaboration between Norway's finest non-church burners that give a whole new dimension and feel to what a good pop song sounds like, on a perfect ballance between club track and song format. The production is super neat, and besides the lovely vocals from Robyn, the string section is heart-warming like a lovely campfire down in Norway's outskirts.

Download here: