Thursday, April 9, 2009

The night we met Jonny Telafone

One night when Sickboy and BAADDD were planned to be playing at a squat party in Canberra, the party got stopped by the police and moved to someone's backyard. It must have been midnight, and so the party continued until neighbours (how Australian) had more than enough. Some of them trying to unplug the band but the party continued. Don't really remember is the police ever came back but I do remember BAADDD playing and an older lady that could be your mum ran in between the girls begging them to stop 'the noise'... BAADDD took a brief break, to introduce their newest member, the ultamite BAADDD-mum. So they continued a few more songs and finished their set short.

But were trying to cut a long story short. Sickboy did get to play but then inside! The walls and doors got slammed by matreses to make it all more soundproof and people got ready for a great imporvised house party! All the lights went out, and only a smoke machine and strobe light were being used to set the perfect atmosphere. People told eachother they thought they were at the biggest rave of all times, while in reality, they were at one of the smallest raves in the world. Yet the atmosphere definatly gave you that illusion. The celebration of freedom and liberty was held high and the party taking unseen hights!

And when Sickboy finished, and people got tired from dancing and jumping, BAADDD dropped some more dj-tunes,... it was still time for Jonny Telafone. And boy, did this music resemble a perfect ending. This was the soundtrack of when it's all over or when it's was all just begining. We all sat together, listened and enjoyed Jonny Telafone. Can't explain the heartwarming feeling he brought to the place. A unique, timid yet brilliant musician from Canberra that definatly left a great impression on Playmaker!

He's working on some new stuff, killer new tune on his myspace. Join the cult and download the first album 'Bottom of the Sea' by Jonny Telafone Seriously, it's better than fucking Joy Division!

Download here:

And here's the video by Tim Dwyer of 'Here & Now' aka 'Doomed Love' by Jonny Telafone