Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hologram 30

New and exciting music on the horizon. We present Hologram 30, a fresh synth warrior ready to take our universe by storm. He presented us 3 tracks for you to enjoy, one of them is a heavy-synth-loaded remix of 80s Stallone's (Rocky)IV tune (we posted the original a few posts ago, check!).

Download 80s Stallone - IV (Hologram 30 Remix)

Up next are 2 original tracks of Hologram 30. First up is the wonderfull "She", which to me, resembles the inner beauty of one, blooming in spring and gently bringing an ocean breeze of melody and harmony. The tune might be a bit short and wants you to take it to the next level but herefor we have another great tune from Mr. Hologram, which goes back heavy on the synths. Taking you on a drive through the night, taking red lights and speeding in the wrong lane!

Download Hologram 30 - She
Download Hologram 30 - Kimota