Monday, April 6, 2009

Theme to Nightwolf

Are you afraid of the dark? That's the question Nightwolf asks you when he invites you to listen to his music. Well, we're not exactly scared of Nightwolf, infact we love to see more of him! His tune might have a howling feeling and set off as being creepy, but surely enough, cute and soft melodies come out to haunt you aswell, giving us a vibe saying "OK this can be creepy but if you embrace me i will sing for you and make you feel alright" sort-of-thing...

Yeh. that's the feeling we get from this tune. It's new and exciting music from Australia's New South Wales territory. "Theme to Nightwolf" is small but great piece of music and sets us in the right mood. It feels great for an opener of a DJ set and definatly sounds like an opening theme, a theme of something that could be the beginning of something truely awesome.

We're already excited about new material of Nightwolf and you can be sure Playmaker will keep a close eye to this one. But for now, please enjoy Theme to Nightwolf!

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