Monday, April 13, 2009

the Gabriel connection and Whisper Foundation

It doesnt always have to be pounding, or noisy, or hard. Even soft and gentle melodies can make a good playmaker happy. So when it's time to chill, we will chill, STAT. Thanks to Kenobii we got to know the wonderful music of ambient-downtempo producer Gabriel. Great chilled out stuff, complete with sounds of animals, kids on the playground, and perfect by the break-a-dawn, begining your monday (or end your sunday). Just listen and judge for yourself. Gabriel is setting the tone of this downtempo bliss, bringin you a breeze of ease, an ocean of calmth, a lifetime of warmth and comfort. Go grab these 3 divine albums on his Whisper Foundation website.

The Motion Range EP ©2009 Retronym

Sum of Parts ©2007 Rope Swing Cities

Good Old Days ©2006 Archaic Horizon