Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Kenobii is another great project runned by Christopher Robert hailing from New Jersey in the U.S. This one takes us way out there, deep into the ocean and forrest, to become one with nature. Very vegan, intriging and friendly sounds, perfect to start the day. At one time you hear kids on the playground and at other times you hear dolphins and whales, trying to make us aware that everything, eventually, will be OK. It's the sort of down tempo stuff we all need in these times of this electro overload. Now working on a release, kenobii has dropped a few tracks on his myspace, alongside some nice videoclips, which we, gladly show to you, playmakers!

Chelonia Cartilaginous promo from Kenobii on Vimeo.

Fire Safety from Kenobii on Vimeo.