Sunday, April 19, 2009

Red & Blue are standing on the edge of the world

Eject yourselves! Playmaker's favourites Joystixx are back and in their universe new things are near boiling point. While this might just be a small sample of the promising things to come, you gotta check out their latest effort "Edge Of The World". This track focuses more on Manek's vocals instead of the usual vocals by Nuke 3D but it's extremely catchy and they're bringing forward a nice development in their sound, leading up to their first release...

Click here to listen to 'Edge of the World'

Joystixx are also on the MOTU2 compilation and have been interviewed by Playmaker when we first got to know them. Click here to read back their interview and find more songs and words by them. They are definitely on our wishlist for next the Playmaker party in Sydney. So be prepared for lots of new stuff from them, somewhere in the near future!