Saturday, April 25, 2009

Damn The Mixtape!

This is NY at it's finest! Skyscraper Music Maker and Cargo UK are soon releasing DAMN! The Mixtape. We kindly repost this news, along with a sneak preview. Under the creative control of Andrew W.K. and B-Roc this is the first in a series of mixtapes, fusing alot of genres together. with contributions of Girl Talk, Aleister X, Julia, Bad Brilliance,... and many more Santos Party House related artists.

Set to be released on a Ltd. edition physical release on May the 25th, over 15 tracks, skits and remixes, been produced, which will make Vol.1 and instant classic of great party songs. Pre-order your copy here.

So, since this is a repost we kindly ask you to download or listen to the stream here. Enjoy!