Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wow! is this the jazziest electronic funk we've ever witnessed?!?

Not only is Mr. Hayday amazing live, his debut EP is totally killer in the original, mind blowing sense of it all. We got to know the wonders of Mr.Hayday on our trip in New Zealand, the home turf of Hayday, when we attended the Band-Camp A Low Hum festival in Wellington. Althou the bill was pretty much rock band related and handful of electronic musicians got invited aswell, among them, Mr.Hayday from Auckland, NZ.

Drifting somewhere between chiptune and electro pop, this totally happy music makes you wanna climb every mountain. Yeh that's right, shove this on your iPod and no valley will ever be too deep. Especially his tune 'Hamwave' totally stands out, and reaches for the ceiling in no time. With it's cartoonish character, Mr.Hayday is showing off great uniqueness and personality with music that sounds like it's timeless, yet contemporary.

Download Mr.Hayday's 'Hamwave' here:

* Visit to find out more about Mr Hayday and download a free single.

Also check out the video made of the song 'Hamster Square Dance'.

Hamster Squaredance from ATZ119 | Laurent Antonczak on Vimeo.

The "Hamster Squaredance" music video is the result of an Auckland based French / German / New Zealand collaboration. It is an exercise in reflecting on today’s communities in relation to emerging technologies by creating a playful approach of story-telling: Helmut, the hamster, is chased by various protagonists…

BONUS: got a printer? like playing with hamsters? or just bored for the fuck of it?!? Cut-out one of these cute mr.hayday hamsters and show your support for Mr.Hayday!