Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Werewolf By Night

Today Werewolf By Night is debuting on Playmaker. Yet another character spawning of the Marvel Universe, transforming itself into a musical identity. If you haven't heard from this Tel Aviv producer before then now is the time to check out his awesome blend of fine-tuned synth programing of original and edgey pop waves.

First up we have You Can Countach Me, a dreamy yet active dance tune, balancing on 80s sferes and the classic tambourine house-kick. Ending with some grand sky synths rolling straight to heaven.

Up next is his remake of Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" where WBN is taking Peter to some comtemperary-retro futuristic discoteque. It almost sounds like their jamming the tune together on stage with lotsa high jumping action and confetti canons blasting on a party like it was 1999.

Download the Peter Gabriel remake here

And we just love the Pilots remix! Especially loving the rolling bass dominating near the end. Do check it out. It sure looks like this is a talented producer and is here to stay and we're looking forward to some new material by the wolf already.