Tuesday, May 26, 2009


One fine day we came surfin by this awesome page located in British Columbia. New and intresting music oozed out of it, in all it's innocence and glory. We stumbled upon Keith, a talented producer that seems to bring forward a fresh approach to the ever-growing-out-of-proportions horde of the electro scene.

Crafting layer upon layer of his musical output bringing forward heavy chords of piano stabs and atmospheric structures. Which a slight touch of retro futuristic sounds, not heavy to digest and highly recommended! In fact, it's totally cool music, which reminds me of the wonderful Sferro from time to time.

Still, why not discover Keith today and listen to his 4 songs which showcases a wide variety in Keith's work, going from a piano song into dreamy synth spheres and spiced with some more dancefloor orientated material.

Grab 4 of Keith's songs for download here:
Keith - Solstice
Keith - Mirrors
Keith - It's Alive (But Not For Long) Demo
Keith - 15 Years