Monday, May 18, 2009

Ahab, Anyone!?

The wonderful Captain Ahab definitely left their stain on the brain of the Sydney scene, can't think of any band more popular and loved by all of us.

They're working on a brand new album, to be released soon and we're all very excited to hear that news.

In the meantime, they've just released 2 new 12"s on their imprint Ravesploitative Records. the first is a split with Copy and carries the artwork of our playmate Emily Hasselhoof! The other one is a split with Jason Forrest where both of them remix Foot Village. more info/ordering here.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we're excited to mention that the playmake-team is also working on a few new physical releases. A new fanzine is in the making, aswell as the idea to work out a CD release of the best stuff we've been having on the blog.

Captain Ahab gave us an exclusive track from their new album, to be included on a compilation CD and on the blog. So enjoy kids, new exclusive Ahab - feel it!

download: Captain Ahab - Feel Anymore