Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Valerie & Friends

Here's the offical press release by La Main announcing the first Valerie compilation along with a new website!

Valerie is a music blog and a collective of artists from Nantes / France
Its official members are: The Outrunners, College, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, Maethelvin and Russ Chimes. With a strong drive and clear vision, Valerie is a medium in which these artists can share their influences and present their productions.
This compilation features exclusive tracks from all its members and a selection of guests from around the world who they have met and befriended along the way. We hope you enjoy the ride!

“From the label that brought us last year’s summer smash Anoraak, this is a fantastic comp of electro house, nu disco and that classic french house sound, chock full of unreleased tracks from a selection of worldwide artists as well as in house acts such as Anoraak, Russ Chimes, Steve Moore, College, Jupiter, Futurecop!... An essential slice of what is happening on dancefloors right now” ROUGH TRADE STORE / UK

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1 MINITEL ROSE Zombie Lady
2 ANORAAK Long Distance Hearts
3 JUPITER Starlighter
4 DVAS Inner Sanctum
5 COLLEGE The Light Of Your Dress
6 KEENHOUSE Deep In The Forest
9 MAETHELVIN Lost In Big City
11 FUTURECOP! Eyes Like The Ocean
12 MOULINEX & PRESS, RELEASE 1stracklove
13 SYMBOLONE Last Scene (Daytona Mirage)
14 XINOBI Woodstock
15 NARCTRAX Excalibur Galactica
16 LOOSE SHUS Red Sonja
17 STEVE MOORE Saturnalia

Listen to this compilation edited versions, on this embed player!

*** Extra PLAYMAKER bonus, Magic Powder, a video by Minitel Rose!