Saturday, May 22, 2010

PD Williams

It's time for the biggest mixtape post on Playmaker thusfar. This one goes way over the limit. But hey Playmaker has been following this DJ for a while now and didn't find the point which mix to actually choose.

We are very "for the people" so you choose!

OK, so here they are... all of the mixes by PD Williams from the Caravan Disco crew in Swiss, made public via soundcloud.

Yes. Join the caravan, it's a pot of gold filled with tunes for you to treasure.

All roads might lead to Rome and you are in for a long yet smooth ride... If you are gonna cruise just play these as your highway soundtrack. It will make things feel like instant sexy, fresh and on-the-pulse. You have now tuned into PD WILLIAMS.

Club Train Mix by PD Williams

Bad Rabbits - She's Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)
The Swiss - Bubble Bath (Knightlife Remix)
Cassette Kids - Spin (Cassian Remix)
Treasure Fingers - What Am I Supposed To Do
Cryptonites - Midas Touch
Consistent - Ain't No Bump
B.R.U.C.E. - The Wallet (Mercury Remix)
Strip Steve - Breakin (Rynecologist Remix)
Burns - Kiss N Hold
Play Paul - Tijuana (Trumpets Of Lust)
DirtyBeats - Alone In The Jungle (Swick Remix)

Train to Mellowland Mix by PD Williams

Imagination - Music and Lights (Florian Bill - Laplata Edit)
RCMP - Moustache Love
Drop Out Orchestra - Macaque
Flight Facilities - Crave You (Bxcentric Remix)
Ajello - Hot July (Marius Version)
Phonat - Love Hits The Fan (Dcup Remix)
Miguel Migs - Can't Get Through (Mario Basanov Funk Vocal Mix)
Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling (Ghosts of Venice Remix)
Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)
Kid Sister - Daydreaming (Helsinki 78-82 Remix)

PD Williams - Disco Romanticism Mix by PD Williams

Fromage Disco - Acidic Strings (DJ Agent 86's Old-School Re-Invention)
John & Jehn - Looking For You (Mighty Mouse NYC Sensations Remix)
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (Softwar Remix)
Nightriders - A Love Feeling
Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Only Children Edit)
Killa Kela - Everyday (Lifelike Remix)
Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Joris Voorn Dusty Flower Remix)
Le Le - Discomonster
Pablo Calimari - Think About You (Dcup Remix)
Paul - Blue Lagoon
Rockets - Running To You
Funeral Party - I Want More Disco (Silver Disco Remix)
The Aston Shuffle - Stomp Yo Shoes (Shazam Remix)
Leonardus & Quinten 909 - Eye To Eye
The Paradise - In Love With You

PD Williams - Sweet Poison Mix by PD Williams

Def Starr - Something About Us (Daft Punk Cover)
Mario Basanov - Do You Remember (Arithmatix! Remix)
WhoMadeWho - I Lost My Voice (Golden Bug Remix)
Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (The Revenge Mix)
Erik Wikström - Autonight (Julius Remix)
Azari & III - Hungry For The Power
Johnatron - Magic Missile (Loose Shus Remix)
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Extended Play)
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Greg Wilson Re-Edit)
DyE - Neige 606 (DJ Mehdi Remix)
Soul Clap - Kissing Game
Toni Toni Lee - Feelin' Real Good
Telonius - Disco-Tec (Moulinex Remix)
Gorillaz - Stylo (Alex Metric Remix / Franz Friedrich Styler Edit)
Cryptonites - Midnight Moves
Vitalic - Poison Lips (Extended Mix)
AXXE - S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night (Neon Workout Remix)
The Vanish - Hold On (Russ Chimes Remix)
Ben Mono - Jesus Was A B-Boy (Moulinex Remix)
Bit Funk - A Question For You
Dirty Super Car - Get A Grip (The Loops of Fury Remix)
Crookers ft. Miike Snow - Remedy (Magik Johnson Vocal Remix)

PD Williams - Love and Commotion Mix by PD Williams

Ali Love - Love Harder (Mighty Mouse Remix)
Louis La Roche - Malfunction
Chromeo - Night By Night (Siriusmo Remix / Boys Noize Edit)
Beni - Maximus
The Young Punx - Juice and Gin (Riva Starr Remix)
Chew Lips - Solo (Tepr Remix)
Montauk - Holiday (Justin Faust Remix)
Alex Gopher - Aurora (Riot in Belgium and Knightlife Remix)
Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (Cryptonites Remix)
Toecutter - Best Party Ever (Jordan Lightyear and Jimmy 2 Sox Remix)
The Lipsyncs - You Bring Me Up
Knightlife - Discotirso
Duck Sauce - The Motion
Prince - Controversy (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Pnau - Baby (The Aston Shuffle Remix)
Fare Soldi - Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito
Siriusmo - Diskozinzin
Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone (Michael Van She Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)
VEGA - All Too Vivid (Kill The Noise Remix)

PD Williams - Caravan Disco February 2010 Mix by PD Williams

Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Ron Basejam Remix)
Van She - Sexual City (Vemix)
Xinobi - Valsa in NJ
Wolfmother - White Feather (Bang Gang Remix)
Dcup - Style (Hibeams Remix)
Reboot - Enjoy Music (Riva Starr)
Hot Chip - Hold On (D.I.M. Remix)
Fenech Soler - Lies (Alex Metric Remix)
Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone (Arithmatix Remix)
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Version)

PD Williams - December 2009 Short Mix by PD Williams

Mille - Crysteena (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
Delphic - Doubt (Cryptonites Remix)
Daft Punk - High Life (Cassian Bootleg)
Pnau - Embrace (Fredrick Carlsson Remix)

PD Williams - It's Cold Outside Mix by PD Williams

Bottin - Disco For The Devil (Inflagranti Remix)
Golden Bug - Last Dance In Tokyo (GLOVES Re-Write)
Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Dcup Remix)
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Only Children Edit)
Cassian - Final Round
Classixx - I'll Get You (Gigamesh Remix)
We Have Band - Honeytrap (Le Matos Remix)
DatA - Electric Fever (Acid Washed Remix)
Duck Sauce - Anyway (Black Noise Remix)