Friday, May 7, 2010

Baseck Mixtape

Game Boy trashin with deranged tempos of shifting bpms, vynil scratchin and intense vocals, that is sort of the trademark of LA's very own Baseck.

He just unleached his debut album with his Sonic Death Rabit collab-band whih he runs with his long time partner in crime, Christina from Wet Mango. They have released their debut album 'Creatures' on Skinny Puppy's label Sub-Conscious Communications, featuring a shitstorm of audioblast by Baseck and friends, taking their jams to a whole new level of excitement.

Check out his latest mixtape. It's some of the most fresh yet brutal Game Boy and 8bit destruction, rising straight from the grave.

Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin Turntable Bangin