Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keith Masters

Let me see you work it, this is the jam! It's almost a fitness anthem, yet it still has enough grease on it, so don't trim that fat just yet...

Keith Masters returns to the '4 to the floor' playfield after doing some great collabs last year with the likes of Futurecop! and Flashworx.

If Masters continues this path of fusing his rhymes with jams like this, then he's definitely walking the silk road, encountering great things along the way. You gotta check out this high energy rhymefest that goes up and down. This time Nolens Volens did the remix/edit styles, which works just fine for us. In fact, it's especially catchy during it's chorus! Fist pump!

"Make it Take it Shake it" is taken from Nolens Volens' pumpin mixtape "DATA/BOOTY" on MSSV Music. Check that out aswell. Word.

Keith Masters -Make It Take It Shake It (Nolens Volens Remix) Mediafire