Sunday, January 18, 2009

TOYDEATH is Headlining Playmaker 1

We're highly excited to announce that the legendary TOYDEATH will be headlining the first PLAYMAKER event!!!

Toydeath is a 3 piece all-electronic-toys outfit based in Sydney! They have toured the world many times and are a highly respected performance band with lotsa energy and games up their sleeve. 

They use childrens electronic toys to create music you have never heard before! Thats right strictly toys are being used! They have collected an arsenal of toys to make any kindergarten green with envy. You will hear talking George Bush, Jesus, Barbie Dolls, Speak and Spells, Rock Guitars, Sax-a-booms, Toy Telephones and lots of other fantastic Toys! 

Furthermore they have also collected toys from their international tours and sometimes use Chinese, Dutch, German and Japanese language toys in their set. All toys have electronic additions (circuit bending) to turn them into wild and unique instruments. 

The Toydeath sound and image can simply be discribed as 'playful' and it's our honor and privilege to have Toydeath performing on the first PLAYMAKER event!

Check out some Toydeath sounds!

Surf by the Toydeath website and show 'm some MySpace love!