Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunset Cruisin "Hang Ten" EP

Damn it's so hot right now! And while we're definitely not complaining, we're being productive, taking cold showers and listening to music in the meantime. With this heat we want to bring some attention to Sunset Cruisin, who recently released his debut EP "Hang Ten".

Sunset Cruisin is all about catching those awesome waves and having a wild time! He's possibly the most awesome dude on the beach, hanging out with Gorilla Thrilla while styling sunglasses and getting all stoked! Even if it's cold wherever you are located right now, this EP will surely bring the sunshine right to your room!!! and remember: WATER + SUN = FUN!!!!!!!!!!

MP3s removed on request, for sale now on GHOST CAR RECORDS

Also highly recommended are the Sunset Cruisin remixes. You can listen to them on the Sunset Cruisin RMX page! Specifically Discoballistic's remix of Bikini Crazy. An extremly fun track that can also be heard in DoubleDenim's mix for Playmaker.

mp3s removed on request. for sale now on GHOST CAR RECORDS!