Friday, January 23, 2009

Rachael Kozak Interview

As it may be cold and dark in Europe at the moment, the Sydney heat is on fully blazing mate. And speaking of darkness, we had the pleasure of talking to Rachael Kozak a.k.a. Hecate from the Zhark International label and many other projects she's involved in. Not many (or should i state none) other women have quite achieved what Rachael has achieved in her carreer as a musician, label owner and cult figure. Over the last decade she has been such a productive person with a determined vision and impact.Playmaker had a small but interesting talk with Rachael about her current state of affairs. We're also pleased to announce that she'll be providing us material for the first issue of the fanzine. Now dim the lights and bring on some red wine and candles...

PM-How have you been?

Great, thanks.... Busy as hell and it never ends....
At least my work takes me to cool places, with really fascinating people and ever shifting environments. You know I am always up for a new adventure!!

PM-Where have you been?

Uh...Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, a Black Metal Farm, the West Coast, the Midwest, NYC, Canada, and places which only dreams can provide.

PM-Any new releases planned?

Oh yeah!

PM-How's the Zhark label going?

Cool, got some serious shit lined up... waiting to master this next month in London.... Just you wait!!

PM-What monikers do you use and what do they mean?

Raquel De Grimstone - Cult Leader
Hecate - Cult Figure
Treachery - Cult Black Metal

PM-What collaborations are you currently involved in?

Too many to name - I will just list the people I am working with at the moment.... Bong-Ra, Christoph Fringeli as Crisis Theory, Papiro, Anders from Unleashed, Belphegor, Dan from My Dying Bride, Paul from Angelcorpse, Fredy of Zatokrev, Ladyshade, Heathenfury, AR of Abigor, Invitriol for the vids, Nahema for the legs (har har)

PM-Thanks so much for talking to us!

Cool... thanks for contacting me!
Have fun out there....!

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