Saturday, January 24, 2009

EMPIRE OF THE SUN - We Are The People

40° Celcius in Sydney. I guess we must be living in the age of Empire Of The Sun. Ah well, it's never too hot to write about one of Australia's most hot topics of the moment!

 Luke Steele

Empire Of The Sun is the new band from PNAU member Nick Littlemore and the enigmatic Luke Steele (pictured above) from The Sleepy Jackson. They have a dreamy yet brilliant debut album out named 'Walking On A Dream' which has been released on EMI Australia. For this album they’ve also worked with Littlemore’s partner-in-Pnau-crime Pete Mayes, as well as Jonathan Sloan (aka Donnie Sloan) of Sneaky Sound System. It is rumoured Donnie Sloan did the beats for We Are The People.

Enough inside information. Here's their new video for 'We Are The People' which has just been released and it was shot in... Mexico!

Sydney based DJ and producer Sam La More and did a great disco-club remix of this song. Besides listening to it on his MySpace, we can't seem to find a high quality version of this. Do take a moment to check out Sam's great remixes on his MySpace!

Instead, we found an even greater remix by the one and only Perth-based disco house producer Shazam!