Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slaughterbrains Helloween 2010 mixtape

Yes! Get shivers right now because Slaughterbrains is back on Playmaker to get spooky, freaky and dancy! Here is his follow up to last years Helloween mixtape. A short lived 23-minutes is long enough to play trick or treat, certainly when there's a few nice surprises in the bag. This is a great selection of retro fantastic electronic dance stuff that sounds like a funky Boogey Man.

Gatekeeper- Optimus Maximus intro/Obsidian
Helen- Witch
Bottin- Theme from St. Mark 30124
Squadra Blanco- Night of the Illuminati
C Spot Run- Nightmares
7he Myriads-The Running Man
Irrealta Di Suoni- City of the Dead OST (Slaughterbrains edit)

Slaughterbrains Halloween Mixtape #2 by slaughterbrains