Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cherie Lily & Aleister X

Two different yet remarkable artists drop their new EP today. Both on the same label... I'm talking about Andrew W.K.'s record label Steev Mike Records, putting forward some new, original and forward thinking performance music, hailing from New York City.

First up we have Cherie Lily, AWK band member, fitness guru and married to the rockstar himself, bringing forward a brand new genre she calls Houserobics. A blend of Cherie's daily fitness routines, mixed with highly exciting form of original house music you can find in the greatest night clubs in NYC. Her debut EP includes the original song plus 6 more remixes. The song is about working out, as "WERK" sets the tone to the aesthetic of what houserobics are all about. See the video below as Cherie explains you briefly what you are in for.

Then we have the dark yet impulsive Aleister X. An artist that we have featured here before for an in-depth interview. He drops his second EP, produced by Andrew W.K. who was also working on the Lee 'scratch' Perry record W.K. was producing last year. The Git EP is the follow up to his first EP 'Bangers and Beans' and sees the uncomfortable character shift through dark alleyways trying to find his way into the club looking if Terry and Malcolm are there. Take a look at Aleister X' debut video as he takes you on a ride from Kingston via Brixton to New York.

Both of the EP's have dropped today and Playmaker is pleased to offer 2 exclusive tracks for download. Find both of the releases on iTunes our othe digital outlets. The physical copies will soon be released via Cargo Records in the U.K.

Cherie Lily 'WERK' on iTunes
AleisterX 'The Git' on iTunes

Cherie Lily - WERK (Princess Superstar & Andrew W.K.) Remix by The PL4YGROUND

Aleister X - On Your Feet by The PL4YGROUND