Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We love having Visitor on our blog. They are just the best at what they doing, making awesome pop music sound even more awesome than it was before. They always take you for a ride and the track we're posting today is a long, epic club version of their song "Love" which will be the official B-side to their long-awaited debut single Los Feeling.

What also makes Visitor stand out in a crowd are the amazing heartfelt vocals by singer Kyle Gibson. He just gives you that instant 80's vibe without even trying. Imagine a pop music open mic battle where he'd win over the Pet Shop Boys with ease, with sparkles raining down from the sky... Yup, it's really that magical.

Working closely with Diamond Cut and Alan Braxe you know they just won't settle for second best, and that's exactly what they sound like... Contemporary with a retro feel, unpretentious and just overflowing songs about love and feelings, Visitor is setting the clock still for a moment and are sweeping you away on a bed of synthastic heaven sent synths.

Vulture did justice singing them and are releasing it on the 21st of June, here is what it's all about:

Visitor - Love (Club Edit) by PLAYMAKER