Wednesday, June 23, 2010

80s Stallone

Damn this music totally sets us in the right mood! It's kinda uplifting and hopeful, something only a Stallone from the eighties can do. Oh how we've missed you on our blog 80s Stallone! It's been far too long but our love stays true...

One of the founding members of team Rosso Corsa who's been working on his release under the radar is now showing us a peak of what we might expect of him in the near future. Check out Burn Out, a stellar tune that runs smooth through the night as if it was Sly himself behind the wheel.

Things are almost coming to a boiling point for Rosso Corsa and we can expect a bunch of new releases soon! Be sure Playmaker will be on the ball and inform you about all of them.

80s Stallone - Burn Out by PLAYMAKER