Sunday, February 28, 2010

Diamond Cut

Wassup Playmakers, here are some totally mindblowing remixes that'll set the night on fire, believe! Some people don't need no introduction. But for those of you who are not familiar with work of the rocking indie synthpop wizkid The Diamond Cut... well then... Let's go!

Currently based in New York City and also working close with the London based pop sensation Visitor, the Diamond Cut just always impresses whenever he releases another remix. Last year he gave us already top notch epic sounding remixes, most notable was the one he did for Fear of Tigers' The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump' which turned a already beautiful song into sheer magic.

So in the last last year or so, the Diamond Cut truely became one of our favorite producers/remixers in clubland and is without a doubt at the top of his game, totally up there with that new class of Grum, Starsmiff and Russ Chimes. But what makes him stand out from a crowd? It's that extra magical signature-touch of totally rocking drums and grooving basslines that sound like a comet in the nightsky, ready to floor you and bring instant funk to the sometimes dead and stale dancefloors.

Here's a selection of brand new remixes he did for Starrset, Radio INK, Beta. Then we've also included his amazing remix of Booty Luv, one of the favorite Diamond Cut remixes from last year and as bonus we added the 'slowjam' version of Candle Thieves' We're All Gonna Die.

My Face (Diamond Cut Remix) by diamondcutmusic

Wish U Were Here (Diamond Cut Remix) by diamondcutmusic

Weisse Tiger (Diamond Cut Remix) by diamondcutmusic

Say It (Diamond Cut Remix) by diamondcutmusic

We're All Gonna Die (Diamond Cut Slow Jam Mix) by diamondcutmusic