Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nuage Eliot Jams!

Family party here on playmaker. On The Fruit records from France, runned by Frank Freak You, has sent us some intresting new jams.

They have signed a intresting youngster to their roster that goes by Nuage Eliot, a 17 year old bro that kicks out the jams in vein of Roulé, Bangalter, Oizo,... but then more rough or DIY sounding.

But wait there's more to it... Nuage Eliot is actually producing as a whole family! His father, his little sister, his cousin, and lord knows maybe even his mum is involved. Awesome. Check out the result of this family-style collab with the two following jams, this certainly proves that On The Fruit is a label that dares to think out of the box.

Nuage Eliott - 56_40

Nuage Eliott - Mageor Et Numba