Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Right. Whoever is calling their first EP "Lazer Beach" is pretty much starting off in the right zone here on planet Playmaker. Meet Aminova, who will drop his first EP very soonish... and judging on the stuff we've heard so far it all sounds ultra-promising.

There's no doubt about it, Aminova wants to take your hand and take you on a journey. His mellow yet dreamy waves might give you the impression you are zapped to another dimension where beaches don't have white nor black sand, instead it feels more like a holografic version of a 3 dimensional Hawaiian beach concept.

Strange enough already? Certainly intresting enough to say the least. We got 2 exclusives from the upcoming EP "Lazer Beach" and strongly adviced you to check out the more of the EP on his MySpace!

Aminova - Personelle

Aminova - Transporter