Friday, July 17, 2009

Joystixx Mixtape for Troma

Playmakers favorites Joystixx have some new exciting releases in the pipeline but first up we need to congratulate them on being the remix winners of Cassette Kids recent remix competition for their track 'Meant To Be' along side Melbourne producer Kid Transistor. Congrats! Well done.

You can check it out on Cassette Kids official myspace right now...

AND, they've just finished their official Troma mixtape! It's totally bonkers, sexy, nasty and filled with Troma samples bringin forward the great influence that Troma is on Joystixx... Lotsa intresting stuff going on here, so enter the arcade:

Joystixx 'TIT & ASS' Mixx-Tape Now Up 4 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
(click links below to download)

Joystixx 'TIT & ASS' - SIDE 1 (TIT):

Side 1 (TIT):

> Troma Intro
> Nuke ‘Em
> Gross Out
> Enter: Arcade
> Invisible Lines
> Night Thrashers
> Caught On Tape
> Beat Boy Burgers (Ultra Mix)
> Toxxie (T+A Mixx)
> Advertisements

Joystixx 'TIT & ASS' - SIDE 2 (ASS):

Side 2 (ASS):

> Troma Intro 2
> Body Parts
> Players
> D-Beat
> Telex Eye
> (Kavinsky VS Joystixx) Drive – 1986 Version
> Surf Nazis Must DJ!
> Hyper (DITC On DEX Mix)
> Woah! (Grum VS Joystixx)