Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi what's up. We've been a bit out of the loop due to circumstances beyond our control. But these things happen and we ain't complaining. Got lots of new and intresting music for ya'll to discover but that will be for later... Anyway, what keeps us busy here, amongst other things, is that Playmaker is hosting an event on Friday, held in Gent-Belgium. We've got Discoballistic and friends playing some spaced-out tunes in some amazing venue by the riverside. And it's for free! Totally awesome styles. Come and check it out. More info here WATERFRONT ELCTRONICS Come out and have some cocktails with us! Added to the bill for Friday are THE SKATERS (DJ set) and DJ CANN. Remember, this is an afternoon/evening event with a dancefloor, cocktails and tapas, and if that ain't enough Discoballistic is playing the same night in Antwerpen on the Kelly Splinter party... So friday, we party!