Friday, May 5, 2017

Synth Bard

Welcome to Castle Ravenloft. You have now entered the dark and sinister world of RPG AD&D modules, following the footsteps of Synth Bard, who's guiding you through the haunted mansion, sneaking in via the unofficial entrance to make it extra spooky. Make sure you have your booklet with you as you will encounter characters such as the Burgomaster, Madame Eva, Ireena Kolyana, Strahd of Zarovich, plus many more haunting surprises...  Available on double CDR + printed booklet; this is the unofficial soundtrack, reinterpreted by Synth Bard and inspired on 1983's TSR release AD&D module "Ravenloft" by Tracy and Laura Hickman. A thrill ride for the adventurously wicked!