Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Big Apple Crime Force

As the wind blows heavy through to the littered, unlit streets of New Your City, salty rain hits the face of Jack Foredice. Returning from his cannibal-laden mission down in the 305, he finds his beloved city that never sleeps, rapidly rotten to the core… Hiding in a tunnel blasted open underneath the Statue of Liberty, a colony of restless survivors hide in fear of new attacks by The Knights of Yuroba, a shapeshifting gang of ruthless killers on the prowl for anything from rats to jewellery. Like a worm crawling through an apple, the big city is ruled by gangs and vermin, imposing fear through plunder and murder. It's a last man standing situation on the verge of escalating into fatal morbidity. A crew of forefront rebels, complete with a ravishing ape beast, have been assigned by detective Foredice to cleanse the poisoned apple. Will Foredice prevail? And what about the appearance of the mysterious motorbike ninja who keeps leaving chalked insignia all over the place? All this and much more…here in 2014's BIG APPLE CRIME FORCE.

Available on Digital, Cassette, Poster.

Production: Playmaker Ent.
Artwork: Basil Murad, Blood+Chrome